Welcome to the Dying Lands!

I hope you have the intelligence, determination, and luck to survive.

The Dying Lands was a world once teaming with life. Lush, green, vibrant forests carpeted the valleys and mountains, a multitude of shimmering fish jumped in the lakes, and birds of all colors and sizes flew through the air under the brilliant sun.

But then came the sentient races. Slowly evolving from primitive savages barely able to communicate coherently. They grew into intelligent predators, able to slaughter with an unnatural efficiency. But they still lacked wisdom. The sentient races discovered that they could use the energy of the world to warp, change, and destroy the land and people around them. They discovered magic.

As the sentient races began to use magic, the world began to die. Magic required energy, and the sentient races stole that energy. They stole it from the forests that blanketed the world, they stole it form the fish and the sea, they stole it from the birds in the sky, and worst of all, they stole it from the sun.

Slowly, the world lost the energy it needed to sustain itself. Slowly, it began to die. In just a couple of centuries, the world turned from a paradise to a desert. And everything began to die. Only a handful of creatures still survive, and how much longer they have is anyone’s guess.

But, none of this is of concern to the masses of starving people in the colossal city of Athrandro Kan. There only concern is how to survive the next month, the next week, the next night. In the city ruled by the dictator known only as Kan, the only thing that is certain is that the rations they receive will never be enough.

This campaign is the story of these Dying Lands, and the resilient survivors who still live in this world. It has been over a millennium since the city of Athrandro Kan was formed, and none truly remember what the land was like before the desert. All that they want is to survive, and maybe, just maybe, to make a difference.

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The Dying Lands

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