The Dying Lands


Session 01: Sunset

Quick Summary
Five Eastern Guardsmen were interrupted while playing Three Dragon Ante by a lizardman and six humans. The lizardman demanded payment in the name of Kan, and when refused, attacked the five Eastern Guardsmen. Almost all were killed, although the Guardsmen killed the lizardman in the process. Only Jonn Pieter escaped alive. Meanwhile, in another part of town, five hungry people were gathered together by Master Theon. They made a plan to steal food from a banquet at sunset, but unfortunately it went wrong. They were chased away, and eventually caught by eight Guardsmen who were able to capture three of them, Qingron, Drakot, and Brandis. Thurkear and S’rathaad escaped, and followed the guards to the prison that the other three were taken to.

Detailed Summary
In Athrandro Kan, five Eastern Guardsmen met together after a day of doing their duties. As they usually did, Regdar Goldvein, Bradburn Johnson, Alek Darksun, Brandis Darksun and Jonn Pieter sat down and played several rounds of Three Dragon Ante. In the middle of a round, they were interrupted by a large, brutish lizardman. He requested all of their valuables in the name of Kan, and when they refused he attacked, along with six men he had brought along. After killing the lizardman things went bad for the Guards. Bradburn was killed, and when Regdar and Alek both fell unconcious, Brandis agreed to their terms, and went to fetch his valuables, only to return to find Alek dead. Brandis was knocked unconscious, and likely killed. Jonn Pieter was able to hide in a backroom, and heard only a man say “If Kan finds out what we are planning, he will not be pleased.”

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, five men, (two lizardmen and three humans,) were brought together by Master Theon. Master Theon told them of a banquet served for the high ranking Guardsmen, and how the food there could easily last months. After a long while planning, they set out, waiting for over an hour, they finally knocked out a Guard at the kitchen door and dressed up Qingron Cadhir in his uniform. Followed by Drakot, (a lizardman masquerading as a slave,) Qingron entered the kitchen and told the Guards inside that they were dismissed. When one Guard remained unconvinced, partly because of Drakot’s poor portrayal of a slave, Qingron drew his blade and attacked him with the hilt. Unfortunately, he was not able to knock the wind out of him, and the Guard was able to call for help. Soon, Guards came charging in, but were distracted when Thurkear Arcaniss caused a bright flash in the door to the outside.

The Guards left Qingron and Drakot alone and ran outside to investigate. Catching Thurkear, they threw him to the ground, but he was saved when Drakot came bolting out with the food. Knocking the Guards away, the three made a run for it, while their companion Brandis morphed into a cheetah and sprinted ahead. Meanwhile, their fifth companion, S’rathaad, darted into a side alley and ran along side streets.

Unfortunately, Qingron, Drakot, and Thurkear were caught, and faced eight Guards in the street. Even with the help of S’rathaad and Brandis, the Guards did not fall quickly enough, and when Drakot was close to death, and Brandis unconscious as well, Qingron surrendered. Thurkear and S’rathaad escaped, and followed the three to the prison where they were taken. After the three regained their strength, Brandis changed into a large snake and slid through the bars, morphing into a dragon hatchling as he prepared to kill the Guard in the hallway.


  • Originally, Brandis’ player named Brandis, Benn; however, his name was later changed to Brandis, any mention of Benn should be reported so that it can be updated to Brandis
  • A series of events, including a failed bluff check by Drakot, the decision of Qingron to attempt to knock out a Guardsman with the hilt of his sword and a subsequent failed roll, along with the failure of three out of five attempts to run away resulted in the characters being attacked by more Guardsmen then they could handle
  • For the purposes of role-playing and story, Benn was permitted to use his wild shape ability to transform into any other “medium” sized creatures



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