The Dying Lands

Miracle District

Session 02: Miracle District

Quick Summary
Three characters, Qingron Cadhir, Brandis Regdar, and Drakot, now outlaws, escaped from a prison with the help of their two allies, Thurkear Arcaniss and S’rathaad. They killed six guards, and escaped from the rest. Eventually, their way into some of Thurkear’s caves, and made their way back to Master Theon. Master Theon told them of several places in which to gain food, including a “Miracle District.” The four heroes (for S’rathaad was now following them in hiding) made their way to the district and gave Brandis, in the form of a pony, to some guards. After Brandis failed to escape, they got into a fight, and dispatched fifteen guards, as well as driving away Gryphero Targana. They also captured several animals and gained the equivalent of close to one hundred rations.

Detailed Summary
After Brandis has previously taken the form of a snake to slither through the bars of his cell, he returned to human form and began fighting the two Guards that were in the halls. Unfortunately, Drakot and Qingron were still trapped inside the cell, and were only able to occasionally jab at the Guards as the fight raged. Meanwhile, Thurkear and S’rathaad were able to figure out what was happening inside, and so began to distract the Guards outside. They were eventually able to lure away and kill two Guards.

Meanwhile, inside the prison, Thurkear was nearly killed in snake form and was knocked unconscious, losing the tip of his tail. Drakot was then able to grab him, and Qingron and Drakot successfully escaped with him. Once outside, they ran from the Guards, S’rathaad made it onto the roofs, and Thurkear and Qingron escaped down allies. Eventually, after several close encounters they were able to rejoin one another. They found their way to some caves and slept, regaining much needed strength.

The next day, they traveled through caves and found their way into an old barn with plenty of hay. They realized that S’rathaad was missing, though they thought that they had just seen him. They didn’t have much time to ponder this as a farmer walked in, he allowed them to leave, but gave them no food.

After talking to Master Theon, they learned of several ways to gain food, such as a migration of large animals in a week, as well as a meeting of black market merchants. After some deliberation, they decided on heading to a “Miracle District” where it was rumored there was plenty of food. There plan was to send in Brandis as a pony, then have him turn into a snake and escape.

After being turned away the first day by a guard outside the district, they return early the next day to execute their plan.

The plan had two main flaws. First, the food was a trap, it was illusory. Second, Brandis was not able to escape. Thurkear argued with a guard, and eventually Qingron dressed a Guard also argued, they were admitted, and then Gryphero attempted to kill them.

A fight broke out, but it was easily won by the characters. S’rathaad broke through the roof and helped Brandis escape. In the end, they captured a horse, a bear, several snakes, and an owlbear. They slaughtered these animals and feasted, returning to Master Theon’s house, as S’rathaad once again slipped into shadows.


  • Several rounds passed during which Drakot and Qingron could have escaped, but decided not to search one Guard’s body for keys because they saw them on the other one. Finally, after numerous hints from the Dungeon Master, they searched the body and were able to join the fight.
  • Brandis permanently lost his two smallest toes on each foot as the tip of his tail was chopped off in snake form. I forgot to mention this during the session.
  • Several districts were mentioned including the Capital District, a prison district, numerous residential districts, and the “Miracle District”
  • The characters met Rosalyn Oakenheart, who claimed she and 8 or 9 others were planning to kill Kan, they called themselves the Rainfall (Drakot and Qingron each gave her one gold coin, Thurkear gave her a copper)
  • Over the course of the session, the players met several Guards and civilians whom they killed, characters not killed include: a farmer with a barn that has an entrance into the caves, Rosalyn Oakenheart (see above), Gryphero Targana, and of course Master Theon.
  • Krynt Falck, a friend of Thurkear’s was also mentioned



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