The Dying Lands

Plots and Counterplots

Session 03: Plots and Counterplots

Quick Summary
Jonn Pieter, after several days trapped in a storage room, finally manages to saw his way out and escape. Meanwhile, Drakot receives a challenge from an enemy lizardman and travels off to defend his honor. During this time, S’rathaad meets Alyssa, a Guard who knew Jeral. She gives him a gift and asks him to assassinate a High Guard. On his way back to the caves, he finds Thurkear, who just disrupted a nest of spiders. They kill three spiders, and then met Qingron, who had just climbed his way out of a cave in. Brandis was apparently trapped somewhere within. They explored, looking for Brandis for a while, before encounter a strange green spider creature which none were able to identify. Eventually, they were met by Krynt, a Guard friendly with Thurkear, who seemed to distrust S’rathaad. Later, while Krynt and Thurkear were alone Krynt asked Thurkear to kill S’rathaad.

The three then traveled to some mines, where they encountered a swarm of spiderlings and a spitting spider. They then encountered Alyssa, and negotiated. S’rathaad agreed to kill the Captain of the West, but in exchange for the freedom of several Stoneclaws. They then ventured to the specialist district, before arriving at the district of the West Guard.

Detailed Summary
Jonn Pieter finally managed to saw his way through a wall with a serrated implement he found in a chest. After exiting the building, he was able to creep stealthily away. However, he almost ran into another Guard, before finally there was an explosion and Guards were running everywhere. Some followed Jonn, and one caught him, but he was able to bloody his nose and escape into the night.

Meanwhile, S’rathaad meets a lizardman named Mat’rathar, who he recognized as a member of the Stoneclaw tribe. Mat’rathar brings the unfortunate news that many Stoneclaws were captured. S’rathaad is very disappointed by the failings of his tribe. Around this time, Thurkear, while exploring some caves, comes across a huge cavern covered with spider webs. He also sees an ominous, dark shape in the center. He lights the webs on fire, causing many spiderlings to run around, and three follow him out.

S’rathaad is called by a female member of the Guard. She claims she is a friend of Jeral, and after some discussion, convinces S’rathaad to come back to her house. At Alyssa’s house, S’rathaad meets Rogath, another member of the Guard. They give S’rathaad an Eversmoking Flask, claiming it is from Jeral. They then ask S’rathaad to assassinate the Captain of the Western Guard, a man known as Vantajar. S’rathaad agrees to possibly try, and then leaves.

While Thurkear and S’rathaad are out exploring, Qingron is playing his guitar and Brandis is snacking on some snake jerkey. A rumbling starts, and rocks begin to fall. Brandis is able to stay ahead of the rocks, but runs into a dead end and is trapped. Qingron is grievously injured, but is able to crawl out.

After escaping the spiderlings, Thurkear and S’rathaad encounter Qingron. The three begin to search for Brandis. As they explore, they encounter a strange greenish creature which they slay with ease. Eventually, they hear three people. These three people turn out to be three Guards, one of which is a friend of Thurkear’s, Krynt. There are also two females, one of which, it is later discovered, is named Artana.

Krynt wants to talk to Thurkear, and so they travel back to Krynt’s house (which is connected to the caves). Krynt refuses to allow S’rathaad to come, but S’rathaad follows anyways. In the house, Krynt has a simple request. S’rathaad must be killed before anything else can happen. Thurkear says he will. However, as Krynt opens the door to have them leave, S’rathaad is caught listening. Krynt tells Thurkear he expects S’rathaad’s head in 24 hours, and Thurkear and Qingron tumble away with S’rathaad.

The three travel, and eventually reach an area actively being mined, before they are assaulted by spiderling and a poison-spitting spider. In the middle of the fight, Alyssa arrives, after the spiders are killed. The three talk to Alyssa. Alyssa knows of the conversation with Krynt. She then explains the situation:

  1. Krynt wants S’rathaad dead in 24 hours.
  2. Krynt knows S’rathaad is trying to kill Vantajar.
  3. If you bring another dead lizardman to Krynt, and Vantajar is killed later, he will be extremely suspicious.
    Therefore, you must kill Vantajar within 24 hours, and then find a suitable lizardman to substitute as S’rathaad.

S’rathaad agrees to do the task, but only if Alyssa agrees to release captive Stoneclaw lizardmen. The two make a deal, and the three travel to a specialty district. Here, they buy a magic rod, a hand crossbow, and a longbow, before finally setting off and arriving at the gate of the district of the Western Guard.

It is early in the morning, around 2 am, and the wall is patrolled by Guards.


  • In the time between this session and the second session, Thurkear researched and created an arcane familiar. A familiar named Falcy, Falcy is a Falcon with several quirks.



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