The Dying Lands

Twenty Four, Part 1

Session 04: Twenty Four, Part 1

Quick Summary
Drakot finds his way to the district of the Western Guard, and joins Qingron, Thurkear, and S’rathaad in a battle at the wall. They successfully make it into the district, but Drakot is too noisy and is captured by Guards. The remaining three make their way to the house of Captain Vantajar, the target they are intending to assassinate. Qingron and Thurkear enter as entertainers, well S’rathaad slips in a back door, leaving a trail of dead bodies. He eventually hides in a closet, and once everyone has finally gone to sleep, he bursts into Vantajar’s bedroom and throws an explosive eye. The three sprint back to the edge of the district, and prepare to once again try to climb the wall and reenter the main city.

Detailed Summary
Drakot returns from an encounter with an old rival of his, to find the place he and his companions had been staying in the site of a cave-in. Though he sees no one, he continues throughout the caves until he eventually finds a Guard. The Guard, Alyssa, and Drakot eventually realize that they know the same people. Alyssa tells Drakot that his companions, Qingron, Thurkear, and S’rathaad, have gone to the district of the Western Guard to assassinate Captain Vantajar. He travels across the city as night falls, and eventually reaches the walled off area.

At this wall, he encounters a starving woman. She begs him for food, and eventually, feeling sympathy for her, Drakot gives her some of his food. She begs more, and he gives a bit more. In exchange, she gives him a large, mutilated eyeball that she explains can cause an explosion when activated. She then leaves, and hears the sound of a battle break out on top of the wall.

Meanwhile, Qingron, Thurkear, and S’rathaad, after much deliberation, attempt to scale the wall. A swift fight ensues a top the wall, after S’rathaad and Qingron scale it. Thurkear teleports through a gate in the wall and also is caught in a combat. Drakot encounters several drunk Guards fighting, before he eventually joins his allies a top the wall, and after a bloody battle, the four companions slip into the district.

Though Qingron and S’rathaad are able to slip through the city without being spotted, Thurkear and Drakot have less look. They meet several Guards, and Thurkear is able to spin a convincing lie. However, Drakot has less look. Being a lizardman, he should not be in the district, and so he they attempt to leave the city. Thurkear leaves the scene before the outcome of the fight is resolved, and eventually meets up with his two other companions.

The three locate the house of the Captain Vantajar, their target. It is located opposite a temple to Kan. Inside this temple, they find a box filled with tributes to Kan. They kill a Guard, and talk to another. They determine that there is a party taking place inside Vantajar’s house.

Qingron and Thurkear enter the house pretending to be performer’s, they are able to negotiate and bluff their way through a variety of Guards, but are forced to leave their weapons stashed outside. Meanwhile, S’rathaad slips in a back entrance, killing a number of Guards as he goes. Qingron and Thurkear meet Vantajar, but are unable to do anything when surrounded by so many Guards. They eventually are forced to leave. However, S’rathaad makes it upstairs into a storage room.

S’rathaad waits for a long while, but eventually slips out and then bursts into Vantajar’s bedroom. There, he sees Vantajar with a woman, along with two Guards. He pulls out the explosive eye he had stolen from a Guard, and then runs as he throws it into the room. The room explodes, causing part of the house to cave in. He meets up with Qingron and Thurkear as they sprint towards the edge of the city.


  • The characters are trying to assassinate Vantajar because of events that occurred in Session 03, please see that session for details
  • Drakot receives an explosive eye from a starving woman to whom he gives food
  • S’rathaad finds an explosive eye on a Guard that he kills by the wall
  • Not all Guards carry explosive eyes
  • Drakot is accosted by three Guards, the fight of his struggle is currently unknown
  • The fate of Brandis is still unknown



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