The Dying Lands

Twenty Four, Part 2

Session 05: Twenty Four, Part 2

Quick Summary
Qingron, Thurkear, and S’rathaad are ambushed by two thriants and a human. The three demand food, but Thurkear is able to teleport out of a thriant’s grasp and a fight breaks out. Soon, several Guards hear the commotion and join the fight, and so the two groups of criminals work together to defeat the Guard. They then escape the district, and bid goodbye to the remaining thriant and human. S’rathaad disappears.

As the sun begins to rise, Qingron and Thurkear head to a poor mining district, where they kill a lizardman. They are attacked by the lizardman’s children, but are able to escape. Eventually, they reach Krynt in time to present him with “S’rathaad’s” head. He then gives them a list of 100 people and says that for each person on the list that they kill, they will be richly rewarded.

Detailed Summary
Two humans and a lizardman stand before a huge black, stone wall, in the early hours of the morning. Desperately searching their minds for the quickest and easiest way out, they have little energy left to spare for physical or mental exertion. They’ve been awake and active for over twenty four hours now, but they know that their task is not yet complete. Thurkear, one of the humans, must find a lizardman to pass off as S’rathaad before noon. There is no time to rest.

While thinking, S’rathaad and Thurkear feel crossbows pushed against the back of their heads. Insectoid pincers grip their wrists. Qingron sees a human point a crossbow at him from 20 feet away. They have been ambushed. The three creatures are starving, two are Thriants, one much bigger than the other, the other is a human, who, though masculine in appearance, is female.

The three demand that Qingron, Thurkear, and S’rathaad give up their food. However, the companions refuse, though threatened with death. Thurkear vanishes from the grasp of his captor and appears behind the human woman. He threatens to kill her, but a thriant still holds S’rathaad. They are at a stalemate, until S’rathaad dazes his captor and sprints for the ladder on the wall. Thurkear and Qingron seize their opportunity and follow, and Qingron draws his blade at the bottom of the ladder and engages the thriants and human in battle.

After a short while of fighting, Qingron kills the large thriant, enraging their enemies, just then, Guards appear. The fight shortly becomes a three way fight, but soon the companions join with the remaining thriant and woman to fight off the Guards. They kill most of them, before blocking off several and then descending the opposite side of the wall. During the fight, however, Qingron and the woman are knocked unconscious.

Once outside of the district, the thriant administers a blue-purple potion to Qingron, it drains life away from the surroundings, but begins to heal Qingron, so the thriant also administers it to the woman. Once everyone is conscious, the four realize that S’rathaad has left them. Qingron and Thurkear give the woman and thriant 10 days worth of food, and in exchange they are given a mysterious potion. The woman tells them that her name is Ravaran, and that she and the two thriants called themselves the Rodents. She then sprints away into the city with the other Thriant.

Thurkear and S’rathaad head to a poor mining district, and find one filled with many lizardman. After Thurkear spots one that resembles S’rathaad, he summons them. He pulls the lizardman over behind some shacks, and the lizardman offers him dreamspores, Thurkear pretends to accepts, and then slits the lizardman’s throat. Thurkear cuts off his head and hands, grabs the dreamspores, and then Qingron and Thurkear bury the body.

As the two prepare to leave the district, a young lizardman child comes up to them, he communicates in broken common, but eventually summons over his older brother. The two realize that the lizardman they just killed was the father of the two boys in front of them. The boys had seen them with their dad and no wonder where he is.

Just when Thurkear and Qingron are walking away the child notices the blood on Thurkear’s sickle. The older boy charges them and Qingron and Thurkear decide it is in their best interest to flee. They are weary and need rest. They flee, but Qingron is hit with a dart by the lizardman child. It causes him to see a lizardman army rushing towards him, but he runs forward and realizes it is a hallucination. The two are chased into some caves, before quickly exiting and losing the lizardmen children.

They eventually make it to Krynt’s house and present him with the head. He seems to believe that it is S’rathaad’s. Krynt tells them that the Guards have been fighting among themselves, and that “without the honorable Guard to protect the city, Athrandro Kan will surely descend into chaos.” He presents them with a list of one hundred names, claiming that these names are the names of rebels. For each person on the list killed, they will be presented with enough food to feed them for a week. He then gives Thurkear 100 gold coins and a bronze sickle.


  • S’rathaad’s player was not able to play, so S’rathaad was controlled by the DM outside of combat and by the other two players during combat
  • At the beginning of the session, Thurkear had only 1 healing surge remaining, and S’rathaad and Qingron had no healing surges remaining
  • The two thriants do not speak common, and instead speak through the woman, who apparently speaks chitter.
  • Each enemy fights with a unique fighting style, the big thriant fights with its claws, flailing them around and striking and distracting all around him, the smaller thriant is a magic user, using magic that conjures wind and sand, the human wields a club, and deals massive damage when fighting an enemy alone
  • The Guards appear at the beginning of the third round of combat
  • During the fight, the human woman is severely burned by Thurkear
  • After completing his task, Thurkear is given 100 gold coins and a bronze sickle by Krynt



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