A female Guard that claims to be a former friend of Jeral.


Alyssa is a Guard in her late twenties. Like many Guards, she bears scars, and though she is better fed than most ordinary civilians, she is still very thin. Despite this, Alyssa is fairly attractive. She keeps her sleek, brown hair cut short, never letting it grow below her neck. Her skin is a smooth white, though always carpeted with a variety of bruises and scratches, as well as more permanent scars. Standing just under five and a half feet, she is built solidly, though her lack of nourishment has clearly taken it’s tole.


Alyssa is first introduced in Session 03 – Plots and Counterplots. She finds S’rathaad on the streets and asks him to follow her back to her house. Claiming she is a friend of Jeral’s, she introduces him to Rogath and presents him with an Eversmoking Flask. She then requests that he perform a task for her, as Jeral would have wanted. The task is simple, she wants him to kill Captain Vantajar. After giving her an uncertain answer, he leaves.

She later encounters him in the caves beneath the city, and tells him that he must do the task quickly, as Thurkear is trying to kill him. She warns S’rathaad not to trust Thurkear.

Alyssa and S’rathaad finally reach a deal where she will agree to release members of his tribe, the Stoneclaws, if he kills Captain Vantajar.

Alyssa also appears briefly in Session 04 – Twenty Four, Part 1, when she encounters Drakot in the caves and sends him towards the district of the Western Guard after his friends.


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