Brandis Regdar

A human druid.


Brandis is a Human Druid.
Brandis has a few missing toes after a fight with some Guards.
Brandis has brown hair, and brown eyes.


Character History: Brandis ran away from his family when he was young because the were terrible to Brandis. They didn’t give him enough food, and beat him when he cried. After he ran away, Brandis found a Druid named Master Theon, who basically taught Brandis how to channel Primal Energy. Brandis later on became a trader, with a job as a farmer, and coxed nature to produce twice of his food quota. Brandis always sold most of his food, out of kindness or greed. And was able to survive during the harsh winter months.

Personality: Brandis is hopeful, mostly because he survived so long. Brandis hopes he can fix the world, because he wants the torment to end. Brandis is hopeful that this will end soon. Brandis has been working tirelessly till that day arrives.

Connections: So far, Brandis doesn’t have many friends, but he makes friends very easily, especially with people that should help destroy the evil, and the people who started all the chaos with it.

Goals: Brandis has a everlasting goal to destroy this evil.

Brandis Regdar

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