Captain Vantajar

The former captain of the western Guard, he is now dead.


Captain Vantajar was a large, muscular man in his mid forties. Standing just over six feet tall, he carried himself proudly, almost arrogantly. His normally kind face would often turn quickly into a scowl, but he almost always had a friendly demeanor. He had short, dark hair and a very dark tan.


Captain Vantajar is first mentioned in Session 03 – Plots and Counterplots. When S’rathaad is summoned by Alyssa, she requests that he assasinate Captain Vantajar. After much discussion, S’rathaad does agree to assasinate Captain Vantajar, and kills him less than 24 hours later using an explosive eye.

Captain Vantajar meets Qingron Cadhir and Thurkear Arcaniss when they pretend to be performers in order to enter his house. He is very kind to them, although in the end does force them out.

Though the security around Captain Vantajar is extremely tight, S’rathaad is able to easily break into his house. In the end, S’rathaad bursts into his room early in the morning and throws an explosive eye at him, presumably killing Captain Vantajar as well as a woman he is with and two Guards.

In the fifth session, Krynt Falck mentions that Captain Vantajar has indeed been killed.

Captain Vantajar

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