A lizardman fighter.


“Medium-sized” by his tribe’s standards (which translates into almost eight feet tall). His skin is, shall we say, Superman/Spider-Man red, with a sail on his back (like a Spinosaurus only smaller). His tail is thin and of medium length, and he wears a young drake’s skull as a crude make-shift helmet and a tattered shoulder-cape of a brownish-color.


Drakot came from a tribe of Lizardmen who had developed a reputation for being a violent and bloodthirsty band of psychotic brutes. Drakot stood as one of the few rational-minded members of his tribe, and was quickly ostracized from his clan as a result. Why Drakot is the way he is is not known, but it is rumored that he is the product of an unholy dalliance between a his father, a particularly nasty Lizardman, and a Mersala, from whom he gets his better virtues. Whether or not his being the product of an interspecies-romance is true is unknown, and Drakot is not particularly forthcoming about his background.

Though as much a hardened warrior as any member of his species, Drakot grew weary of pointless destruction and mindless slaughter, and eventually abandoned his tribe after unknown circumstances and made his way to the city of Athrandro Kan, the one civilized place he knew of. Once there, he quickly grew comfortable in the communist society, but the mostly human population has a tendency to avoid him and/or look at him with suspicion. A nearly eight-foot tall red lizard armed with two swords and a flail and adorning himself with a dragon’s skull doesn’t exactly come off as a friendly sort of person.


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