Master Theon

A wise old man that helps many survive.


A relatively short man who appears to be in his late sixties, with a gray beard and hair and a thick-set body. He usually wears a cloak, varying in heaviness depending on the weather, and ranging in color from a deep, verdant green to a black the color of the night sky.


Master Theon is a kind old druid. He works with the citizens of Athrandro Kan who are starving and helps them to survive. Brandis was trained by him in the ancient ways of the druid, and so Theon is especially fond of him. He may have met several of the other four before, but he only really knew Qingron Cadhir, Thurkear Arcaniss, Drakot, and S’rathaad from hearing of them through the grape vine and watching them survive. He seemed to think that their strengths complemented each other and so brought them together in the first session. Master Theon also provided the five with information regarding the Miracle District.

Master Theon

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