Thurkear Arcaniss

A human warlock.


History: He is unsure who he really is, or was. For as long as he can remember he has been on is own. Despite being young in appearance and such he seems to feel as if he is older: he has flashes of memories that seem like they would have happened years before when he thinks he was born. He seems to have created, or is the creation of, a direct link to a psionic spirit which i able to manifest itself through his gear and occasionally through his own body, but it most commonly chooses a simple pendant which he wears around his neck. This sprit grants him the great power with which he uses to smite his foes. the spirit is often able to communicate through images in the mind or even words whispered in the ear (but he can also take control of the warlock’s body and speak through him, but this is not common). The spirit has acted as his guide for as long as he can remember, leading him out of trouble and being his companion. X thinks that the spirit is from some distant plane or reality due to the fact that it seems different from the others it tells him about and because it says that it has been weakened and cannot return to its rightful place. X has survived in the tunnels beneath the city, frequently making trips to the surface for supplies or business. In the caves he has learned to survive off of the meager rations and animals that he finds, but also off of the life forces of the creatures he kills. He acts like a vampire of sorts, but rarely claiming large prey. the thriant that mine in the tunnels have made up local legends about “the one who lurks in the dark.” They tell of how he eats the flesh and sucks the life from those who stray too deep into the caves. it is said that by offering him sacrifices of rations and supplies he may be persuaded to assassinate a chosen target. This is one way that X has been able to amass enough to survive. The local guards seem to look the other way from the occasional killings X does in answer to a tribute, because often some of the guards think that he is only a legend or some even make tributes of their own to “advance their way up the chain of command.” some go as far as calling X “the devil in the dark.” None who pay tribute or talk of his legends actually know his identity, only the evidence he has left behind. when he does enter the city he wears disguises, often stolen from houses of his victims. He likes to pretend to be a traveling merchant. (basic summary lol)

Connections: Has few close friends. Has won over a group of Mersala who he frequently shares a den with during the winter months and occasionally summer, but often during those times he roams the cave systems or the city. Few know of his alter ego as an “underground assassin” and they are mostly the Mersala who he shares a den with. He also has connections with several guards who allow him to enter and leave the mining tunnels and such as he wishes, but they are not always on duty, so sometimes he must wait. He is, of course, associated with the spirit he draws power from. Few would believe it if he told them that he was the assassin, and he rarely kills a target, so the local guard have not taken notice of his actions.

Goals: As of right now he does not have many other goals other than to survive and help the spirit in any way possible. Since he acts as its connection to the world he often embarks on missions to gain knowledge if he thinks that it would be useful for it, since it seems to want to collect info about the world. He also will occasionally feel as though he must be a part of certain events due to fate, thus joining some small “adventures” (mostly stealing or exploring etc.) with seemingly little reason other than small personal gain.

Thurkear Arcaniss

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