A hallucinogenic mushroom causing sensory confusion and hallucinations when consumed.


Dreamspores appear as a deep purple button mushroom with large black mounds growing on them. They are illegal, but are easily grown, and the law is not strictly enforced.


Dreamspores are a recreational drug commonly used by lizardmen, humans, and to a much smaller extent, Mersalas. Thriants are not known to be effected by it. Dreamspores are consumed either orally (by chewing one up and then allowing it to sit in your mouth for up to ten minutes) or intravenously (the spores, when touched to a vein, cause hallucinations almost immediately, although the effects are more varied.)

Dreamspores, on occasion, have been used to coat darts or arrows in order to confuse the target. This poison is simply made by squeezing a dreamspore to produce a dark blue gel-like substance.

Appearances: Dreamspores first appeared in Session 05: Twenty Four, Part 2. They were offered to Thurkear by the lizardman he later passed off as S’rathaad. Thurkear pocketed the dreamspores for future use.
Dreamspore poison was also used on a dart that hit Qingron, resulting in the hallucination of a massive army of lizardmen charging him. However, the effects wore off almost immediately.


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