The Year
A single year is based on the cycle of spring through winter. Days are 24 hours long, there is no need for weeks, simply because there is no weekend.

Here is the yearly calendar:
Lendys (The Dawn of Spring)
Zarenshar (Springtime)
Varuuc (The Last Rains)
Io’lor (The Drought)
Tamara (The Time of Fires)
Chronepsis (The Last Inferno)
Erynian (Returning Rains)
Shivrah (The Harvest)
Ashardalon (Coming Cold)
Falazure (The First Frost)
Hlal (The Lifeless Time)
Garyx (The Last Month)
The names in bold are the Highborn words for the months. However, these Highborn words are known by all. The name in parentheses is the common translation.

Notice that each month is 60 days, making the year last 720 days.

To make time seem to go by faster, commoners celebrate birthdays and half birthdays. Asking a commoner his age would get you how many years multiplied by two he has lived for, making it approximately equal to our own age. However, someone’s “true age” is the number of years someone’s lived. An adult commoner might have a true age of 15, but would call himself 30.


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