Emperor Kan

Kan, though seen rarely, resembles a dragon of ancient legend. He is huge, almost seven feet tall, and covered in black scales. He is powerfully built, and it is rumored that, despite the fact that magic is outlawed, he is a master of the arcane arts.

Kan is rumored to have in his possession a dragon scale, and it is said that it is this magic has changed his appearance so drastically. Presumably, Kan was once a human, though he has ruled the city for so many years that nobody knows for sure. Further more, no one knows whether Kan is a single man, granted long life by some unknown ritual, or whether Kan is simply the name that all rulers have chosen to take, each taking part of some artifact or ritual that grants them the appearance that has tortured the citizens of Athrandro Kan for years.

Kan is not universally hated, although the majority of the populace despise him. Despite this, few dare speak openly against him, since they would be punished if they did. Perhaps even more surprising is the fact that Kan is even worshiped by some wishing to gain favor or right past wrongs they have committed against Kan.

Kan has had numerous shrines built with statues of himself always in the center.

Emperor Kan

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