Common: The tongue spoken by most common people, and all of the guard.

Highborn: A language developed by Kan and used by the Guard, so that commoners cannot understand them. You may not choose this language unless you can explain how your character would have learned it.

Slytongue: The tongue spoken to lizardmen, and their allies. There are several members of the Guard who have learned this tongue.

Chitter: The language of the Thriant. Humans, lizardmen, and mersalas do not have the required vocal organs to speak this language, but they can learn to understand it.

Softtongue: The language spoken by the Mersalas. A closely guarded secret. Once again, you may only know this language if you have a reason for why you would know it.

Nak: This means “death to Kan” in the new language that several rebels are creating. Anyone caught speaking it is killed, and because of this, it morphs very quickly, both so that it is not understood by the Guard, but also because the rebels speaking it die before they can fully teach it to others.

Note for Players: In order to learn languages in this game, you cannot take the linguist feat. Instead, you can choose to train in one less skill than allotted, and instead learn one language. If you learn a language at the start of the game, you must be able to justify how you would learn it. Later on in the game, you can take the skill training feat to learn a new language, once again, you must be able to justify it.


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