Magic: The manipulation of energy in order to effect or modify the existing universe.
Magic: The power to do things beyond the normal capabilities of physical beings.
Magic: Outlawed in Athrandro Kan.

Arcane Magic: Every use of arcane magic draws energy from the area surrounding the spell caster. Energy is drawn from the earth, plants, insects, animals, and even the very sun itself, slowly leaching away its power. Usually, the use of arcane magic does not have a noticeable effect, however, the cumulative effect of life draining magic is slowly killing the world. In addition, occasionally, there is a proverbial “straw that breaks the camel’s back”, a use of magic, even a very minor use, that causes major consequences, ranging anywhere from the death of a few small plants and insects, to, in extremely rare cases, the frosting over of whole swaths of land.

Primal Magic: Many spirits roam the dying lands. No one knows exactly what they are or how they came to be, but it is known that they exist in a kind of semi-plane parallel to the natural world. Here, they wander, observe, and occasionally influence the happenings in the natural world. Primal spellcasters have learned to communicate with these nature spirits and draw energy from them. While conversation with these spirits are impossible, bonds can be established, allowing the spellcaster to draw energy from one or many primal spirits. The energy of the primal spirits seems to be renewable, so primal spellcasting is seen as a responsible way to use magic.

Psionic Power: Though considered by most learned scholar to not be a true form of magic, there is no doubt that psionic power can be incredibly useful and powerful. Psions (as those who use psionic power are called) draw on the internal energy of their own minds, and use it to manipulate the surrounding world. Many sentient creatures are born with natural psionic abilities, and others learn them throughout their life. Still others become psions during incredibly trying times in their lives. It is thought that the ability to use psionics is an inherent ability that only some creatures possess, but that at this point, almost every citizen of Athrandro Kan has the ability to become a psion.
Though rare, certain wild creatures (those that lack sentience), have also been observed to have psionic abilities. It is thought to be a survival mechanism that certain animals have developed to survive in such a harsh world.

Divine Magic? Though rare, certain religious spellcasters claim that they draw their energy from deities. Most often, these religious fanatics are simply using arcane, primal, or psionic abilities to masquerade as divine messengers, but occasionally, a rare person surfaces where the source of their power is much less obvious, perhaps actually being the messenger of a god.


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