The GuardThe Guard
For the protection and defense of our great city, Athrandro Kan.
In reality, Guards are essentially the hands and fingers of Kan. They do all of the work he needs done, and are dedicated to upholding his regime. The Guard act as Kan’s army, Kan’s police force, Kan’s spies, assassins, Kan’s minions. In exchange, Guards are fed better than ordinary civilians, and have separate living accommodations. However, most of the common people hate the Guard with a passion, although some are still misguided enough to believe that the Guard are there for protection.

The Northern GuardThe Northern Guard
The best of the best; we live to serve.
If the Guard acts as the hands and fingers of Kan, then the Northern Guard functions as his trigger finger. The Northern Guards are the most elite, the most skilled, and the most loyal of all Kan’s Guards. The reason is simple: the oasis is located to the North of the city. As a reward for their service, Northern Guards are provided with the finest food and the greatest gear. They even have markedly different uniforms than the other divisions of the Guard. This often breeds resentment in the rest of the Guard, particularly those who have served faithfully for years and have still not been rewarded with a position in the North.

The NakThe Nak
Death to Kan!
The language of the Nak changes constantly. The only word that remains constant is Nak, meaning death to Kan. The other words morph constantly due to the constant killings by the Guard. The Nak operates a huge organization, with one simple and constant goal: kill Kan. However, the exact methodology that the Nak uses changes frequently, as members of the Nak are constantly captured and killed by the servants of Kan. Most common people revere the Nak, but are also terrified of them.

FilthThe Syndicate
“Hey! You wanna buy somethin’? You can’t get this from Kan.”
The Syndicate is the name for the largest underworld organization in Athrandro Kan. Practically omnipresent, you can’t deal with organized crime without dealing with the Syndicate. Though the Syndicate is a large and powerful organization, the hierarchy of leadership changes constantly, with rivals constantly exposing, poisoning, or slaughtering other gang members in order to rise in status. Often, the Syndicate even splinters into multiple rival mob cells that are constantly at war with one another, and though at times they may even have completely contrary purposes, they are still all known by the same name: the Syndicate.

The FamilyThe Family
Power, survival, and family.
If there is any one criminal organization that has made itself distinct from the Syndicate, it is the Family. The Family is one of the most powerful forces in Athrandro Kan, but only during the winter months of the year. The Family is headed by a pure white mersala known as Siberian. Siberian is one of the few mersala who openly commits acts that most would agree are obviously cruel. Though he has torn apart countless families through drug deals, abductions, and blackmail, he cares like a father for those closest to him. Though some love him, and many more hate him, none can deny that Siberian is one of the most powerful people in Athrandro Kan.

Lizardmen TribesLizardmen Tribes
The lizardmen tribes that live nearby Athrandro Kan have had enough of the constant raids and enslavement by the Guards. For decades, probably centuries, the Guard has performed raids on lizardmen tribes whenever they come to close to the city, and use the captured lizardmen as slaves. Recruited by E Regual, these lizardmen now plan to storm the city and kill everyone related to Kan they can find.
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The Council of MersalasThe Council of Mersalas
The wisdom of the elders is the strength of the people.
The Council of Mersalas rarely involve themselves in the affairs of Kan and the Guard. Instead, they do their best to help the Mersalas, and to help the other common people of the city. Because they are so highly regarded by the common people, Kan has not outlawed them, and allows them to operate as long as they stay out of his affairs and keep their meetings small and brief.
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The Church of the FourThe Church of the Four
The Four hold the answers.
Illegal shrines built to the Four are everywhere in Athrandro Kan. Many of these shrines are built by individuals, but there is a group of people who builds shrines for public use. These people call themselves the priests of the Four, and they act as spiritual leaders for many of the common people. Though these priests could be killed for this illegal worship, the Guard has chosen to largely ignore these priests.
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The Temple of AguafarThe Temple of Aguafar
Aguafar will bring salvation.
The priests of Aguafar do not enjoy the same privilege that the priests of the Four do. Kan hates the temple of Aguafar, as he believes that the worship of a single deity directly conflicts with worship of himself. As a result, the temple of Aguafar is much smaller than the Church of the Four. However, it still operates regularly, and the priests often deliver services in underground caves.
See Religions

The Druidic NetworkThe Druidic Network
Care for the world and it will care for you.
Even within a city dominated by merciless Guards, radical rebels, and deadly mafias, a city where all things natural have almost ceased to exist, there exists a loose organizations of druids, shamans, and wardens dedicated to preserving the dying lands of Athrandro Kan. Though this network is no more than a series of loose connections between various aging humans, those who know a druid can, no matter which district they reside in, find someone who knows someone who knows the natural way.

The Common People
The common people are an assorted bunch. Up to one million people reside within the giant walls of Athrandro Kan, though no accurate count has ever been taken. Most of them are humans, though approximately one tenth of the population of Athrandro Kan is lizardmen, and there are several thousand thriants and mersalas as well. The two things that most common people share is an utter lack of resources and an unstoppable urge to last just one more day. Those who have given up on life have long since past away.


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