Though once the world was crawling with sentient races, as the land has dried up, almost all races have died out. There are only four known sentient races still alive. Each has managed to survive due to a combination of circumstance and fortunate adaptations.

Humans: The most populous race in Athrandro Kan, humans have survived because of their remarkable diversity and ability to adapt twice as fast as any other races. Humans are also more “civilized” than any of the other races. They value learning and permanent settlement. They also have a lust for power that is clearly displayed in the members of the Guard and Kan himself. Humans are the only race allowed to be part of the Guard.

Lizardmen: The lizardmen are large, generally savage, humanoids covered in scales. Their mouths are lined with sharp teeth and they are equipped with powerful tails. They are generally some shade of green, although several tribes of lizardmen appear differently colored. They are generally savage, aggressive, and as a whole nomadic. They are also generally cannibalistic, eating members of both their own species and other civilized species. The majority of lizardmen in Athrandro Kan are either captives from various battles, or lizardmen who defy the stereotype and wish to become more “civilized.” Of course, once a lizardman enters the city, they usually wish to leave immediately. However, this is impossible, as their tribe has almost always already left the area.

Thriants: Thriants are insectoid humanoids. They have four arms ending with sharp pincer-like claws, as well as two powerful legs. Varying in shades from a rusty orange color to a dark, almost black, brown, thriants have evolved to camoflage perfectly with the caves they originally lived in. They live underground, and as such can survive on far less food than humans or lizardmen. This makes them ideal miners. So when a nest of them was discovered by the Guard in a mining operation, they were immediately recruited as workers.

Mersalas: Appearing as cat people, covered in thick coats resembling creatures such as tigers, lions, or panthers. Mersalas are adapted to the extreme cold. They hibernate deep underground in the summer, and come out only in the freezing winter. Those who live in Athrandro Kan are generally well respected, because the Mersalas are extremely intelligent wise. As a whole they are a kind people. But few go out of their way to stop the injustices committed daily in Athrandro Kan.


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