• Alyssa


    A female Guard that claims to be a former friend of Jeral.
  • Brandis Regdar

    Brandis Regdar

    A human druid.
  • Captain Vantajar

    Captain Vantajar

    The former captain of the western Guard, he is now dead.
  • Drakot


    A lizardman fighter.
  • Falcy


    An arcane spirit created by Thurkear that he has enabled to manifest in physical form.
  • Gryphero Targana

    Gryphero Targana

    A cunning man who created the "miracle district".
  • Jeral


    A Guard who assisted S'rathaad, but was murdered because he was a "traitor."
  • Jonn Pieter

    Jonn Pieter

    A former member of the Eastern Guard.
  • Krynt Falck

    Krynt Falck

    A Guard that has a good relationship with Thurkear.
  • Master Theon

    Master Theon

    A wise old man that helps many survive.
  • Mat'rathar


    A lizardman of the Stoneclaw tribe, captured by Guards from Athrandro Kan.
  • Ne-Vek


    A thriant killed by Qingron in the district of the Western Guard.
  • Qingron Cadhir

    Qingron Cadhir

    A human bard.
  • Ravaran


    A tough, scarred woman who wields a greatclub and travels with two thriants.
  • Rogath


    A Guard who works with Alyssa who S'rathaad meets in Session 3.
  • Rosalyn Oakenheart

    Rosalyn Oakenheart

    A human who identifies herself as a member of the "Rainfall", a group trying to bring about the overthrow of Kan.
  • S'rathaad


    A lizardman rogue searching for answers.
  • Thurkear Arcaniss

    Thurkear Arcaniss

    A human warlock.
  • Xak-Dri-Yak


    A female thriant that understands and manipulates the arcane forces of the world.