In Athrandro Kan, though there are no gods proven to exist. Religion, however, does exist. There are four primary faiths in Athrandro Kan, but only one may be practiced legally.

Kan Worshippers: Though not really a religion, there are monuments to Kan set up in all parts of the city, and many go there to pray to him, or to pretend to pray in order to gain favor with Kan, or perhaps be promoted. In some of the most ignorant districts, some people believe that Kan is a god. In these districts, prayer to him is common, although it is often of a more angry sort.

The Worshippers of Four: Spirits exist abundantly in the world, and often interact with people or minor or major ways. Many people think of these spirits as aspects of deities. These people believe in the Four, four gods that manifest in various spirits. These four are: The Farmer (growth, plants, rain), The Hunter (quiet, death, food), The Animal (animals and their life and habits), and The Untamed (chaos, anarchy, the enemy of civilization). Illegal shrines to these four are set up all over the city. The Four are the most popular faith, but the shrines are numerous. The most commonly worshipped of The Four is The Farmer.

Spiritiurs: This word is what people who worship the spirits call themselves. Spritituirs believe that each spirit is an individual deity, rather than a manifestation of a much larger entity. Every spirit is a powerful being capable of deeds not even Kan could accomplish. Spirituirs make up a small faith, as few believe the spirits are true deities.

Aguafarai: This is the name for the worship of a single deity, known as Aguafar. Worshippers of Aguafar call themselves Aguafarians, and they are the third most popular religion. These people believe in a single deity, watching over them. Aguafar brings the rain, the wind, the sun, the seasons. These people pray that someday she will come down and usurp Kan. This faith originated as a faith of rebels, but has spread to many, even to some who respect Kan. Kan however, hates this faith most of all, and many worshippers are killed every month.


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